GrainGoat 2.0



The GrainGoat is the smallest most efficient grain combine on the market.  The GrainGoat is a hand-held harvester that collects, cleans and calculates the moisture of small grains all within minutes.  Need to collect samples from your test plots? Need to harvest specialty crops?  Are you a seed breeder/researcher or seed crop grower? Will a GrainGoat help you?


The answer is "Yes! to all the above."  more...

What's New?

GrainGoat 2.0 is going to be available starting in August 2020.  Here are some of the new features...

40% lighter

Longer run time

More varieties of crops

Easy clean out

Same affordable price

Why not? The savings in both time and money is the most obvious answer. You will have all of your fields tested in the time it takes your neighbor to test just one.  You can use the rest of your time to work on other projects or catch the game on TV.   more...

Everyone who produces or harvests small grains on either large or small scale will show increased profits and efficiency.  This list includes farmers, extension offices,gardeners, university test plots, small specialty breweries and more.  more...

Rethink the way you sample grain

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